Langdon Public Library Welcomes A New Director

Please join the Library Board of Trustees in welcoming Lara Croft as director of Langdon Public Library.  The Board is excited that Lara will be bringing her expertise and enthusiasm to the library.  She has a Master’s degree in Education and is currently working on her Master’s in Library Science.  She has performed in various librarian roles in several local libraries with a strong background in technology and public relations.

Lara will be starting in her position on 2/5/2015, so please feel free to introduce yourself if you see her.

An Evening With Author Helen Frink

Newington’s Langdon Library presents: Oil, Ice and Bone; Arctic Whaler Nathaniel Ransom
With author Helen Frink

Oil, Ice, and Bone

Tuesday January 20, 2015 @ 7:00 pm 

Nathaniel Ransom’s eyewitness account of 15 years of whaling in the Okhotsk and Arctic seas culminates in the disastrous 1871 Arctic season, when 32 whaleships were crushed and abandoned off the Alaskan coast.

• A previously unpublished primary source, fully annotated

• Maps and illustrations bring the story to life

In 1860 fourteen-year-old Nathaniel Ransom followed his five older brothers into the dank foc’sle of a whaling vessel. For fifteen years he hunted seventy-ton bowheads in Arctic waters, for the many uses of “bone,” blades of flexible baleen from the leviathan’s enormous jaw, raised its value, even as petroleum replaced whale oil as a source of lighting. In 1871 Ransom survived the loss of thirty-two whaling vessels in the frigid waters off Alaska’s Icy Cape. With him he carried a journal – and kept it, as he and his shipmates jettisoned weapons and warm clothing to save their very lives. His eyewitness account of whaling’s brutal slaughter and sudden losses is enriched by the author’s affection for an ancestor she discovered through his journals a century after his death.

Praise for Oil, Ice and Bone;

“Finely researched and written.” Michael P. Dyer, Senior Maritime Historian, New Bedford Whaling Museum

“In plain and forthright language. . . [Ransom] makes a historic event come alive with the honesty of his comment.” Everett S. Allen, author, Children of the Light

Contact:  Helen Frink; 603-863-4455 or