Welcome to the Space Age

Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift-off!  The Langdon Library has now entered “The Space Age!”

OK, you might think The Space Age already began with Sputnik way back in 1957. But here at your library, we’re talking about a different kind of space —  space to study, space to chit-chat, space to be by yourself, space to play, space to work, space to be social, space to watch movies, play games, hold meetings…

Picture yourself here:


IMG_6018 IMG_6014 IMG_6015 IMG_6017IMG_6019

Do you see your book club meeting here?

Envisioning your home-office-away-from-home?

Or just hanging out after school or work?

Then you’re getting the right idea!

We’ve got free wi-fi, wireless printing, fax, coffee, candy… And even better than outer space, we’ve even got gravity and oxygen. What more could you want? Come down and see for yourself!

“Have you visited your library, lately?”

Grand Opening!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is here! Join us on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014, for the grand opening of the renewed Langdon Library!

Did you miss the Dedication of the Langdon Library in 1893? You've got a second chance to be part of history in 2014!

Did you miss the dedication of the Langdon Library in 1893? Lucky for you, you’ve got a second chance to be part of history in 2014!




Evening’s Agenda:

3:00PM  Library reopens for normal business.

5:00PM  Food and drinks available.

5:30PM  Unveiling of the renovated 1892 building: Dedication and opening remarks.

6:00PM  Architect’s Presentation.

6:30PM  Tours.

8:00PM  Close.

RSVP here on our Facebook event page and invite your friends!